Soyfit Tofu Supreme (Garlic Pepper)-200g


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Health Benifits :

No Preservatives
Zero Cholestrol
Protein Rich
Lactose Free


Soya Bean,Water,Salt,Edible Oil,
Garlic, Black Pepper Powder,
Coagulant (E 330 / E516)

Best For Consumption Within Four Months From The Date of Manufacture

Product Description

Vega Industries has been developed a new products named Soyfit Tofu Supreme (extra firm) which is made without adding any preservatives. It can store at ambient temperature. The shelf life of the soyfit tofu Supreme is four months.

It is very first Indian Tofu which don’t have to refrigerate and tests really delicious. Tough it is extra firm, it becomes soft after making any dish or recipe.

Tofu is a food made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks. The garlic pepper  tofu can be consumed as it is or in salads or can be fried and it. For those who love tofu with flavouring  . Tofu is a rich source of protein.